Scarpette d'arrampicata Uomo

Scarpette d'arrampicata Uomo

Your climbing shoe is your link to the rock, and needs to offer a fine balance of performance and comfort to enable you to achieve your goals and potential. We stock a wide range of models, from all-round comfortable shoes for multi-pitch routes, to top of the range shoes for reaching your next level.

Fit is more important than brand and a correctly-fitting shoe, snug yet not too tight, will make all the difference between climbing heaven and hell. How tight is good? Toes should be snug on the front of the shoe. Performance shoes with a semi-arched position offer more precision and power on small ledges. Don’t choose too small a size hoping “it’ll get better”; discomfort will distract you from your goals. Take the time to try on several models and sizes before choosing – our experienced climbing staff can help you choose the best model for your feet and for your climbing style


Climbing shoes are made with leather uppers and rubber soles and rands – both may be natural or synthetic. A thin mid sole made of fibreglass, plastic or a natural fibre offers support. Some models have a very thin insole; many performance models do without in order to offer additional sensitivity and communication between the foot and the rock. Rock shoe soles take a lot of abuse, and the rubber needs be both durable yet soft enough to grip - every manufacturer claims to have the ultimate proprietary rubber formulation!!

All-Around Models

Ideal for long days when you’ll be climbing several routes, and long multi-pitch route. They offer good performance and are a good choice for most climbers. Ideal for climbers that want one pair of shoes, all-round models can cope with a variety of terrain and rock types. Lace-ups offer more versatility in adjustment and support, while Velcro shoes are convenient and quick to take on and off.

Technical Models

Offer higher performance, often for specific climbing styles and terrain. Shoes with a pronounced arch and pointed toebox are designed for solving steep and overhanging routes. Crack addicts should choose a shoe with a flatter profile, stiffer midsole and pronounced rand for use in feet-width cracks, while softer shoes will let you twist your toes for narrower fissures

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