Attacchi da sci escursionismo

Attacchi da sci escursionismo

Nordic touring bindings connect the boot to the ski at the toe - the heel remains free to lift up with each step. There are two different standards for nordic touring bindings, 75 mm and NNN BC, and one needs to make sure that you select the correct standard for your boots.

The 75 mm bindings are lightweight telemark bindings using the original "3 pin" toe piece, sometimes with a cable added. Some people like using the G3 Targa cable bindings, so we have included these here as well as in the telemark category.
The NNN BC acronym stands for "New Nordic Norm Back Country" and these are stronger, wider versions of the Rottefella classic cross-country bindings. These have gained popularity over the years since they are light, strong and reliable and also narrow; the width of the 75 mm bindings can be a problem on the narrower skis. There are two versions of the NNN BC bindings, the standard width and the "Magnum" bindings with a wider baseplate to give better power transfer on wider skis.

Which should you choose?

Both binding standards have been used for crossing the polar ice caps as well and skiing around the local park - they are both tried and tested binding systems. If you're using narrow to medium width skis, and will be skiing almost all the time, so rarely walking in your ski boots, then the NNN BC is probably the best bet. Should you be using wider skis, and / or will be walking a lot in your boots - either scrambling along ridges, crossing rocky terrain or just slogging up long approaches in and out - then the 75 mm bindings will be better. The 75 mm bindings are wider and give better control on wider skis, while the boots used with these have Vibram soles, so resistant for walking.
Skiers going into remote areas often use the 75 mm 3-pin cable bindings from Voile. These use the 3-pin toe piece plus a lightweight cable that can be removed or clipped behind the heel riser. Having two means of attaching the boot makes these more reliable should one break, or the pin holes in the ski boots be damaged.

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