Accessori Piccozze

Accessori Piccozze

Leashes and hooks: There are different types of leashes, some get attach to the harness, while others offer just a hand rest, and some are just made to not to lose the ice axe. The straps have the advantage to keep the ice axe on hand, being sure the axe will not slip from our hands, or to offer a good support in vertical passages to make it easier to broach. Note that the leashes are not appreciated by everyone, they can interfere, and remove some freedom. More experienced climbers often go without while they are very useful for beginners.

The hooks are added to ice axes and provide a more effective hand rest, extremely popular in parts were ice become steeper.

Blades and picks: There are three types of blades: Ice blade (often thinner) mixed blades (intermediate) and drytooling blades (thicker and stronger). It is important to choose the blade corresponding to its practice; a drytooling blade is too thick for ice, it may make it split, and offer a poor anchorage. Some blades come directly with a Adze or a Hammer.

Holsters: Accessory which can be added on some backpacks to provide an effective ice axe holder.

Tip protectors: soft plastic or rubber parts which comes on the tip of the ice axe or the blade to avoid injury when worn in the backpack. Especially useful if you want to carry you ice axe safely.


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