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Grivel Air Tech Crampon

Grivel Air Tech Crampon
124,90 €-10%
Attachment System: New Classic
Was 139,00 €

A new generation of crampons. Ten points in contact with ice while you're walking, 12 that bite into the slope during traverses. This has been made possible because the bird pair of points are shorter and wider apart. On top of this the last two front points have a double angulation to maintain bite when descending or traversing sideways.
The crampons points are short and designed for the new requirements of "mixed modern's" alternating ice and rock. Sharp points are ideal for anchoring on ice"cauliflowers" and when in traction oradherence. Even the soles of the most modern boots are perfectly covered.
Available in different bindings:
- Cramp O Matic: these bindings are perfect for plastic mountainering boots that have a rigid sole and substantial heel and toe welts.
- New Matic attachment system with bi-component strap gives maximum strength and adherence.
- New Classic:  this system can adapt itself to any type of boot. The New Classic is therefore ideal for rental programs and first time users. This system is simple and reliable, quick and easy, but it does take up a bit more space in the rucksack.


Semi-rigid model in one adjustable size.
The bar can be regulated by hand, in two different lenghts.
All Seasons crampon.
Available in Cramp O Matic, New Matic and New Classic Bindings.

N° Points: 10+2
Made from: Chromolly steel
3D Stamp: yes
N° Front Points: 2
Rigid/Semi-rigid: Semi-rigid
Asymetric: yes
Boot Size: 35-46
Attachment System: Included
Anti-Botts: New Classic, New Matic, Cramp O Matic
Weight: 790 g