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Giro Neo MIPS

Giro Neo MIPS
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Neo Mips Helmet - Giro

The Neo MIPS Helmet is the new foundation in the Giro helmet line and an instant classic. The Neo MIPS benefits from a lightweight IN-MOLD CONSTRUCTION and features the dialed-in fit of the In Form Fit System with Vertical Tuning. On the mountain, its easy to go from hot to cold, so youll appreciate the on-the-go temperature control, which is achieved through the Thermostat Control adjustable venting and fog-free Stack Vent. Embrace the peak and withstand the wintery elements with the protection of the Neo MIPS® helmet, which offers more protection in certain impacts by redirecting impact energy.

Features: Giro Neo Mips Helmet

In-Mold Construction
In Form Fit System
Stack Vent Technology
Seamless Compatibility

Model: Giro Neo Mips Helmet

Ventilation: Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting - Stack Vent Technology
Fit System: In-form system - Vertical tuning