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Ski Touring 101 Skis 2024

Ski touring is an exhilarating way to travel in the mountains in the winter, but deciding which gear you need when starting can be daunting. The gear is quite complicated and geeky, there's lots of choice, and exactly how you'd like to tour determines the type of skis, boots and bindings that wil

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Ski Touring Gear List

A list of what's essential when touring is always useful. It's so easy to leave something at home or in the car, so best to have a quick check list of what's required for a successful and safe trip, whether you're heading out for a quick morning circuit or a longer trip.

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Ski Geometry - Shape & Flex

This blog explains why modern skis are the shape they are.
We’ll start from the basics and build from there. We’ll look at the skis from the top, the plan view, and then from the side, and then see what to look for when choosing a ski for the type of skiing you'll be doing. 

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Ski Touring 101 Boots 2024

Alpine touring boots can be divided into three categories depending what style of ski touring you'll be doing.
RACE boots are very light, extremely expensive, moderately uncomfortable and often pretty fragile!!

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Blue Ice Choucas Pro

Silvio a testé le baudrier Blue Ice Choucas Pro cet été, voici son avis:

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Blue Ice Choucas Pro Test Report

Silvio has been testing the Blue Ice Choucas Pro harness this summer, here is his review:

I'll be honest with you, I really like gear. As soon as there is something new, I observe it, study it, and comment on it with my colleagues at TP.

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Fixations Marker - Nouveautés Hiver 2021

Marker a été très occupé à développer de nouvelles technologies présentées dans ses nouveaux modèles et à améliorer les fixations

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Marker Binding News Winter 2021

Marker have been busy developing new technologies showcased in their new models and improvements to existing bindings for winter 20/21.

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The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1 with STEP-IN

Pierre at The M Equipment has updated the design of the binding springbox so that this winter's Meidjo 2.1 bindings now have a fully automatic step-in function. Getting into the bindings is quick and easy.

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Fixations de Rando Nouveautés 2020

Cet hiver nous avons des avancées intéressantes en termes de design de fixations, avec des modèles encore plus légers, sûrs et faciles d’utilisation

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