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Fischer E109 Easy Skin Xtralite + Packs Fixations Randonnée Nordique

Fischer E109 Easy Skin Xtralite + Packs Fixations Randonnée Nordique


318,00 € TVA inc
Était 367,99 €
1 x Fischer E109 Easy Skin Xtralite Ski 2019
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298,99 €
1 x Fischer E109 Easy Skin Xtralite Ski 2019 Fixations
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Nous montons gratuitement les fixations lorsque vous achetez des skis et des fixations. N’oubliez pas de cocher la case si vous souhaitez le montage et de renseigner les informations demandées pour vos chaussures de ski. N’hésitez pas à ajouter toute autre information utile.

Renseignements à nous fournir:

  • Marque et modèle des chaussures de ski que vous utiliserez avec les fixations
  • Taille en Mondopoint (MP) des chaussures de ski
  • Longueur en mm de la semelle des chaussures de ski (souvent gravé sur la semelle au niveau du talon)
  • Votre pointure UK ou Européenne normale
  • Si vous achetez plusieurs skis et fixations, merci de nous confirmer comment nous devons les monter (quelles fixations pour quels skis)
Prix hors pack:
69,00 €

The Fischer E109 is Fischer's widest model with a traditional mid-stiff nordic camber for efficient glide on flat and undulating terrain. The E109 is the wider version of the classic E99 and offers the same ability to cover long distances effectively while the slightly wider 82-60-70 mm sidecut makes the E109 more stable and easier to ski downhill. If you'll be skiing undulating terrain and also want to cover long distances then the E109 is a good choice. The E109 has a small amount of "Nordic Rocker Camber" to help turn initiation, and full metal edges for effective grip on ice.
The Easy Skin versions come with a smooth "Tour" waxing base plus the slot at the front of the kickzone to clip in the handy Easy Skins. These are NOT included with the skis. For the E109s select the 50 mm width skins. The Easy Skins help grip on all but the longest, steepest and iciest slopes, where you may find using full length skins worthwhile.
The Fischer E109 can be used we either NNN BC bindings or 75 mm lightweight telemark bindings. If using the latter we recommend using a riser plate such as the Voile Traverse to help lift the telemark bindings off the snow. This will help avoid the bindings catching on steeper slopes.


Speed Grinding
Universal stone grinding for perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.
Tail Protector
Extremely robust ski tails for maximum durability.
Nordic Rocker Camber
Slightly longer and higher tip design for easier turn initiation.
Steel Edge
Full steel edge along the entire length of the ski for good control in icy conditions.
Air Tec
Air channels combined with new, very light wood types. Weight-optimised core for steel edged skis.
Easy Skin
The easiest way to attach climbing skins
combination of adhesion and click-in-place for reliable grip and straightforward attachment and removal.

Please note that skis are sold without bindings.

Model: Fischer E109 Easy Skin Xtralite
Lengths: 170,180,190,200,205 cm
Sidecut: 82-60-70 mm
Weight: 2.05 kg / pair 200 cm