Spark Surge Pro Femme Fixation

Spark Surge Pro Femme Fixation
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Nous montons gratuitement les fixations lorsque vous achetez des skis et des fixations. N’oubliez pas de cocher la case si vous souhaitez le montage et de renseigner les informations demandées pour vos chaussures de ski. N’hésitez pas à ajouter toute autre information utile.

Renseignements à nous fournir:

  • Marque et modèle des chaussures de ski que vous utiliserez avec les fixations
  • Taille en Mondopoint (MP) des chaussures de ski
  • Longueur en mm de la semelle des chaussures de ski (souvent gravé sur la semelle au niveau du talon)
  • Votre pointure UK ou Européenne normale
  • Si vous achetez plusieurs skis et fixations, merci de nous confirmer comment nous devons les monter (quelles fixations pour quels skis)

Spark Surge Pro Femme

The lightest and highest performing splitboard bindings in the world - made with incredible attention to detail and no compromises.

Women's Surge Pro splitboard bindings feature all the same great assets as Spark's standard Women's Surge bindings - T1 technology, Tesla snap ramps, solid baseplates, stiff highbacks, responsive Pillow Line Straps - but they are tuned up with premium materials and custom versions. We used carbon-reinforced nylon in the highbacks, full Pebax® plastics for the straps, ladders and adjusters, 7075 aluminum in the heel loops allowing us to make them thinner and lighter, 7 custom made screws and hardware pieces, and lastly, we hollowed out the steel pivot pins to shave a few more grams.

Spark Surge Pro Femme Features:

Pebax® Pillow Line Straps
Women's Surge Pro Pillow Line Straps are made with Pebax® plastics, a premium material most often found in high-end ski boots as it provides consistent stiffness and improved toughness in cold temperatures while being 20% lighter. Like Spark standard pillow line straps, they are ultradurable, comfortable, waterproof, one-piece molded construction, and produced 100% in-house. Strap pillows are thin and flexible for a comfortable, conformed fit, while thicker ribs are held off the boot and provide support for a uniquely responsive ride. Arc Pro ankle straps are smaller around the boot than the Surge Pro and feature a flex window for max agility while maintaining support. The toe straps come in one construction for both Arc Pro and Surge Pro models, and are designed to be used as a toe cap but also fit traditionally over the top.
Carbon Reinforced Highbacks
The Women's Surge Pro Rip ‘N’ Flip highback is made from carbon-reinforced nylon in a ratio designed for medium flex and a surfy feel. This material blend is more responsive, lighter, and stiffer than Spark standard glass-reinforced highbacks. All Rip ‘N’ Flip highbacks incorporate a tool free forward lean adjuster (FLAD) for complete customization from 0° to 22° in ride mode. The Forward Lean Adjuster toggles easily between forward lean position and -13° touring position for easy transitions.
Whammy Bar Climbing Wire
A single fatty climbing wire is built into the baseplate with a side arm lever for easy position changes on the steeps. You can switch easily from stowed, to low (12°), to high (18°) and back again while touring.
Pro Hardware
Weight savings add up by replacing stainless steel hardware with custom-made 7075-T6 aluminum hardware. Aluminum parts are 65% lighter than Spark's standard stainless steel parts and are made with hex drives instead of phillips heads which are less likely to strip.
Puck Compatibility
Slide them on and snap the ramp down. Snap the ramp up and slide them off. The most functional way to attach your binding to your board in ride mode. Period. Spark R&D bindings are designed to work with all puck compatible splitboard models. When used with Arc bindings conveniently access puck screws with the bindings in place for precise stance adjustment. Available in a flat and a 3° canted model. Note that pucks do not come with the bindings out of the box and must be purchased separately.
Snap Ramps, Touring Brackets, & Pivot Pins
T1 System bindings slide sideways into the offset Tesla touring bracket and are locked into place with Spark's snap ramp. No pins, no cables, no fiddle factor. Integrated Ibex crampon mounting claws on touring brackets make for quick and easy installation and removal. Pivot pins have been hollowed out and are 33% lighter than standard pins.
Buckles & Pebax® Plastics
Ladders and adjusters are produced in-house with Pebax® premium thermoplastics which maintain flex over a wide temperature range, performing well on spring tours as well as sub-zero suffer fests. It's also 20% lighter than Spark's standard material. All straps incorporate Burton's time-tested bomber buckles.
T1 Heel Rest
The T1 Heel Rest catches the climbing wire in the 12° and 18° positions and is specifically designed to hold the T1 Step Locker in place.

Modèle: Spark Surge Pro Femme

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