Fischer Easy Skins

Fischer Easy Skins
44,99 €

Easy Skins - Fischer

Fischer's Easy Skins are short skins just 650 mm long that cover the kick zone / fishscale area of the base. Available in three widths, 35 mm, 50 mm and 65 mm, the Easy Skins are so named due to the clever attachment system. Just feed the plastic tip up through a hole in the ski base at the front of the kick zone, and clip it into place over the Fischer Easy Skin Quick Click port. Flatten the skin against the base and you're ready to go. Since the Easy Skins leave the glide zones at the front and rear of the ski uncovered, you get good glide with each step. The Easy Skins are effective in soft snow and on moderate slopes. Should you be skiing icy snow, steeper or longer slopes, then you may prefer to use standard full length skins. They're so light and compact though that you could well pack both skins for use according to conditions.

Model: Fischer Easy Skins

Length: 650 mm
Attachment System: Fischer Easy Skin Quick Click
Skin Plush: Mohair


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