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Expert ski techs

Our ski men have over 20 years experience mounting bindings. Whether it’s telemark, alpine freeski or freestyle, randonnée or nordic touring, we have a depth of knowledge that enables us to position the bindings in the optimum position on the skis. Should you have specific mounting requirements please contact us to discuss these. We ship skis worldwide and make sure that bindings are correctly mounted before your package. It does not matter whether you’re on the other side of the world, or 20 km from the carpark, you can be sure that your bindings have been correctly mounted.

We use only Wintersteiger drill bits for drilling the skis. All screw holes are sealed with slow drying epoxy glue that holds binding screws securely but moves with the flex of the skis to prevent water entry into the ski core. All screws are hand tightened to ensure correct bedding down of the bindings.

We mount many race bindings that have no length adjustment. These bindings need to be mounted in exactly the right position for the boots that they will be used with. Race boots can flex with use and occasionally show minute differences in lengths between batches. For these reasons for online orders we can only mount non-adjustable race bindings when these are bought with boots. Should you live nearby then please bring your boots with you when you come to the shop. You can also send us your boots so we can mount the bindings, then we’ll ship your boots back with your order.

We can also mount only the toe units of the bindings and you mount the heel units using your boots you determine the exact position.

We mount bindings according to the information you have supplied us. If your order includes ski boots, we will adjust the bindings for these boots. Before you use the equipment it is essential that you check that the binding release settings are correct for your weight and skiing style.

If we did not have your ski boots when the bindings were mounted you will need to perform the final length adjustments with your boots, as well as checking the release settings, before using the skis.

Please contact us if you have a question or specific needs regarding the mounting of your bindings.

We’re here to help.