Vía Ferrata

Vía Ferrata

Via Ferrata are great fun and an excellent way to experience the mountains within a reasonably safe environment so long as you follow the correct procedures. The first via ferrate were in the Italian Dolomites and the name "Via Ferrata" means "iron road" in Italian. Easy via ferrata are a good way for non-climbers to access the vertical world while for the more difficult routes a head for heights and good physical shape certainly helps!!

You don't need a lot of gear to do via ferrata and the following will get you started:
1. Via ferrata lanyard
2. Climbing harness
3. Helmet
4. Climbing gloves
5. Sturdy boots with grippy soles

Some nibbles, water and suncream  usually also come in handy unless you're on a very short route.

The safety standards for via ferrata lanyards changed in 2017 - take a look at our Blog about this for more information.

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