Lange XT3 Free 140 Pro Model LV GW 2023

Lange XT3 Free 140 Pro Model LV GW 2023
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Mondopoint Size: 29 MP
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Lange XT3 Free 140 Pro Model LV GW

The new FREERIDE XT3 140 PRO MODEL LV GW ski boot was designed to meet the demands of our athletes. It embodies the Freeride philosophy as we understand it at Lange.
An authentic Freeride where the ascent is the means and the descent the end.

It is therefore combines the characteristics that you would expect from Lange's expertise with high performance and the special properties of a FREERIDE boot. Equipped with our patented revolutionary technology as well as with an ultra-innovative frictionless rotating hinge, the XT3 140 PRO MODEL gives the foot real mobility and a wide range of movement during ascents. Once at the summit, all that there is left is to start the descent to feel the thrill that runs in Lange's veins and the benefits of our Dual Core sandwich construction. A subtle mix of power and precision.

Lange XT3 Free 140 Pro Model LV GW Features:

The Fit of the boot (or last) is the width of the foot measured at the 5th metatarsal (widest part of the forefoot). It determines the level of control and precision of the skier. For a good ratio between comfort and control, choose mma boot that matches the overall volume and length of your foot. Fit between 92-95 mm: Narrow, Fit between 97-99 mm: Medium, Fit between 100-102 mm: Comfort

The “flex” of a boot indicates the level of support that boot will deliver. The greater (stiffer) the flex index, the more rigid and reactive the boot will be. The lesser (softer) the flex index, the more tolerant and comfortable.

Choose the boots which offer the best ratio between comfort and performance. For a beginner skier, we recommend a flexible flex (<80) and for an expert skier we recommend a higher flex (>90).

Dual Core
As you drive and flex into your boots, Dual Core actively compresses and expands - Harnessing potential energy to deliver explosive power, snap, and rebound. Imagine world cup precision and response, easy entry and exit, and a new level of ski boot performance as reactive and dynamic as your own body.

Active Power V-Lock
The heart of Lange's all-new XT3? Active Power V-Lock is Lange's patented new multi-performance freetouring technology. Designed to get you up with ease, but powered for the down, Active Power V-Lock delivers an 11 increase in forward ROM in hike mode, making long skin strides and hikes more efficient and less fatiguing. But lock it down for the descent with a ski mode that offers the rock-solid connection of a traditional ski boot and you'll instantly feel the power, precision, and control you're been looking for when it's all about the down.

97mm Precision Fit
Lange's Precision Fit provides an exact, race-inspired 97mm last designed for skiers with low-volume feet or skiers seeking more boot compression and control without sacrificing comfort.

Performance Boot Board Touring
Lange's new ultra-Lightweight Performance Touring Boot Board utilizes pressurized polypropylene to deliver a new level of hiking performance and warmth. The touring boot is board is specifically designed with an internal forefoot rocker to allow for more natural foot motion during walking and skinning. A superior insulator with exceptional shock absorption properties, the new touring platform delivers amplified touch and snow feel while keeping your toes toasty warm so you can perform at your best on all tours.

Gripwalk Mounted Soles
Mounted gripwalk soles feature a thick rubber tread and convex toe profile, offering increased traction and more natural foot roll for enhanced hiking and walking comfort. Integrated stiff pads guarantee optimized power transmission and full Alpine release function. Alpine DIN soles also available, sold separately.


Model: Lange XT3 Free 140 Pro Model LV GW

Mondopoint Size: 26.5 - 29.5 MP
Shell material: Polyether
Shell technology: Active V-Lock hike mechanism, 53°
Shell specifications: Inserts that make it easier for the foot to enter the boot
Cuff material: Lyfran
Liner technology: Dual 3D Race
Liner insulation: Ultralon
Liner additional functions: Customisable Core Custom 1
Liner power strap: Cam-Lock 50 mm
Soles specifications: GRIPWALK® SOLES
Spoiler: Dual-position removable highback
Weight: 1915 g (size: 26.5 MP)

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