Camp Voyager Helmet

Camp Voyager Helmet
108,25 €

Camp Voyager

The Voyager is a ski mountaineering helmet designed to be compliant with ISMF regulations that require helmets to be dual certified for mountaineering (EN 12492) and alpine skiing (EN 1077 / B). The dual certification guarantees a higher level of safety for athletes especially from side impacts. To the meet the stringent EN 1077 / B standard, the Voyager uses in-mold construction with an extremely hard and impact-resistant ABS plastic shell. The core interior is expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is reinforced with a layer of polycarbonate (PC) to help absorb shocks and further increase resistance. 17 openings in the shell are optimally positioned for maximum breathability. The breathable mesh padding can be interchanged with the included anti-sweat foam kit that includes the upper part for the head, pads for covering the adjustment dial, and a front part with two different thicknesses (5 mm and 10 mm) to fine-tune the fit. Earmuffs that can be attached and detached are also included making the Voyager a great helmet for all kinds of skiing. The keeper system for goggles or headlamp uses three pieces of elastic with hooks (one on each side and one on the back) for a lightweight, secure attachment. The system can be used while wearing gloves and without removing the helmet. The Voyager is also equipped with an internal RECCO® reflector making it traceable by mountain rescue operators equipped with RECCO® detectors (note: RECCO® technology does not replace an avalanche beacon in any way).

Camp Voyager Features:

In-mold construction with ABS upper shell, EPS inner core, and lower protective PC layer
17 openings distributed throughout the shell for excellent ventilation
Removable fabric padding with breathable mesh
Anti-sweat padding kit included
Detachable ear protection kit included
Rear adjustment dial with rubber coated wheel for excellent grip
Keeper system for goggles or headlamp uses three elastic attachment points for a light, secure and functional attachment that can be used while wearing the helmet
Equipped with RECCO® reflector
Available in 4 colors
Available in 2 sizes
Complies with EN 12492 and EN 1077/B standards in accordance with ISMF regulations

Model: Camp Voyager

Colour: White/Light Grey - Grey/Black - White/Light Blue - White/Light Grey
Small: 54-58 cm
Large: 57-62 cm
S: 465 g
M: 475 g