What's more enjoyable after a long hike or hours of climbing than to slip into a sleeping bag worthy of the name, for restful hours of rest. Valandre are based in the Eastern Pyrenees just 20 minutes from Telemark Pyrenees. Valandre have been producing specialist sleeping bags for almost 40 years, having started in 1980. Over this time they have gained a reputation for developing and producing world class sleeping bags with advanced designs, materials and construction techniques. Valandre cooperates with the community of high altitude Himalayan climbers to develop not only down sleeping bags but also down expedition clothing. Valandre do not compromise in design or materials and their unique 3-D designs, which have won several industry awards, are based upon a complex understanding of three-dimensional geometry. Valandre minimize fabric use, to make the shell as light as possible, and to create a three-dimensional space where the down can expand and give maximum performance.

Valandre Down.
Situtated in SW France, Valandre are close to goose and duck down farmers and this proximity enables Valandre to work with these down producers to ensure that all down used in their sleeping bags is produced respecting the health and living conditions of the birds. Down for Valandre is produced according to 6 selection criteria:

The species and health of the animal.
Farm structure: Small scale, birds raised outside with access to water to swim.
High quality feed.
Down harvest only from MATURE birds.
Rapid processing after harvest to ensure quality is maintained.
Professional quality washing, sorting, sterilization and de-dusting according to international norms.

Valandre Fabrics
Valandre use fabrics woven using Asahi-KASEI yarns from Japan. The Nylon 6.6 yarn used in the goose down bags is not the lightest, but it’s 20% stronger than a normal nylon yarn and it preforms 20% better against UV and general abrasion, making it a durable and secure fabric for expedition use. This yarn also has a very small Fluocarbon footprint.

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