Crux B1 Patrol Bivvy Bag

Crux B1 Patrol Bivvy Bag
315,83 €
Colour: Red

The Crux B1 Patrol is the most sophisticated design in the Crux bivvy bag range. Based upon the excellent B1 Recce bivvy, Crux have added a wired hood over the head area for maximum weather protection. The hood has a wire-stiffened rim with three tie-off points that can be used to keep it in position. Since Crux have developed the B1 Patrol specifically for alpine use, this bivvy does not have a mesh insect screen. If needed, the hood can be completely closed with a zip. Crux have used their revolutionay X-Tec fabric with a PU / Carbon coating giving a high 20,000 mm water resistance and an MVTR (water vapour transmission rate) of 25,000 g/m²/24h, giving excellent breathability. A high performance bivvy bag that does what it's designed for.


Model: Crux B1 Patrol Bivvy Bag
Weight: 728 g
Colour: Black or Red
Water Resistance: 20,000 mm
Breathability: 25,000 g/m²/24h

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