Crispi Evo NTN WC

Crispi Evo NTN WC
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Crispi - Evo NTN WC 2020

The stiffest boot telemark boot available (ever made?) Crispi's EVO NTN WC is destined for strong skiers wanting a performance boot for maximum control at high speed. The EVO NTN WC (the WC stands for World Cup) has a stiff sole, stiff shell, stiff cuff and above all a stiff bellows. Not made for lighter skiers, you need some weight to flex these boots, and they work better with active bindings with stiff springs. These boots are a favourite amongst telemark racers since the stiifer sole and shell gives superior edge hold compared to the softer Scarpa TX Pro and Comp models.The double-density Pebax shell is reinforced by the patented "Carbon Side Support" around the lower shell, giving maximum lateral rigidity and power transfer to the skis
The shells and heat mouldable Crispi Dynamic Liners offer plenty of volume, and suit skiers with wide and/or voluminous feet. Four micrometric buckles plus a sturdy Velcro Power Strap allow precise boot closure and optimal control. Ski / Walk lever allows quick transtion between modes.
These boots are a good choice for strong skiers wanting a boot for skiing fast in resorts and can also be use for shorter tours.

Crispi are the only manufacturer producing NTN boots with both front and rear Tech (Dynafit) inserts.These boots can be used with both standard NTN bindings (Rottefella NTN Freeride and Freedom, and 22 Designs Outlaw X) and also the new "NTN 2-pin" bindings such as the The M Equipment Meidjo and Moonlight / TTS bindings. If you like the idea of blocking the heel when conditions get a bit difficult for freeheel ("never", I hear you cry) or when tired, then these boots will let you use an alpine heel unit as producted by The M Equipment.

The NTN boot sole specifications are not exactly the same for Crispi and Scarpa boots, and the distance between the pins and the "2nd heel" in the Crispi boots designed for the size SMALL bindings is about 2 mm shorter than the equivalent distance for the Scarpa boots. This ONLY affects boots made for the size S NTN bindings, up to size 26 MP.
While this has no impact when using these boots with Rottefella NTN bindings or the 22 Designs Outlaw X, we have seen problems with the shorter length Crispi boot soles causing unexpected pre-release when using The M Equipment Meidjo bindings. We therefore do not recommend using Crispi boots with the size small Meidjo bindings. We have not seen any problems with boots used with the size L bindings.


Model: Crispi Evo NTN WC

Flex: Stiff
Shell: Pebax® - Carbon
Sole: CRISPI® Kogatz Evo
Buckles: Aluminium Micro Adjustable
Innerboot: Crispi Dynamic Liner
Compatibility: NTN & NTN-2 Pin
Shell Size / Boot Sole Length:
25.5-26 MP: 299 mm
26.5-27 MP: 306 mm
27.5-28 MP: 316 mm
28.5-29 MP: 326 mm
29.5-30 MP: 336 mm

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