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Colltex Mix Whizz Camlock Skins

Colltex Mix Whizz Camlock Skins
154,50 €

A sensational innovation by colltex! An acrylic-based adhesive layer with all the advantages of a «skin without adhesive»: ultrafast attaching and detaching, no loss of adhesion, no sticking together when folded (place adhesive on adhesive – but do not roll up skins), no protective netting or pro-skin necessary and extremely temperature-resistant. In mixed-fibre quality. Sturdy and durable. The skins remain supple and light. DIY recoating as a true world first: thanks to the whizzz tape, the skin can be easily and quickly re-coated without using heat.


Fibre pile + basic fabric.
Colltex edge.
Waterproof laminate.
Backing material.
Acrylic adhesive layer.
Cross-section of the yarn.
Mohair 65 %, Polyamid 35 % 


Material: 65% mohair + 35% polyamide
Skin Plush: Mohair-Synthetic Mixed
Widths: 100 - 110 - 120 - 130 - 140 mm
Length: 185cm
Weight: 0.259 kg