Cast Touring Freetour Kit (GripWalk AFD)

Cast Touring Freetour Kit (GripWalk AFD)

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Cast Touring
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Freetour Kit (GripWalk AFD) - Cast Touring

Please note: Cast Touring do not authorise online sales of their unique bindings which are not stand-alone products but must be used in conjunction with look bindings and installed by a qualified technician. Please contact us if you would like to buy Cast bindings.

Cast Touring are a small company based in Driggs, Idaho, dedicated to producing the highest performance alpine touring bindings. The Cast Freeride Upgrade Kit is designed to give touring capability for skiers using the Look® Pivot™ 15 or 18 alpine bindings. The Cast Freeride Upgrade Kit offers the climbing efficiency of a touring insert binding combined with the performance and security of the Look Pivot bindings.

Please note: The FreeTour kit does not include alpine bindings which are sold separately.

The Freetour Upgrade Kit redefines the term “no compromise” within the touring binding world. Cast’s patented and fully integrated quick-release mechanism allows you to swap out the Look® Pivot™ 15 or 18 alpine toe units for a set of super-light pin-tech touring toe pieces in a matter of seconds. The Freetour kit includes all of the components you will need to add touring capabilities to your Look® Pivot™ 15 or 18 alpine bindings.
The Freetour Kit maintains all of the reliability and performance of the most trusted alpine bindings in skiing. Full alpine release and retention characteristics provide unmatched safety for all of your backcountry exploits. Cast designs and produces all of their parts with maximum durability in mind. The kit will hold up to all of the abuses you can put them through for years to come.  This kit will not leave you stranded, whether you are milking the last of a lift served powder or days into a winter camping mission.

Cast Touring Freetour Kit (GripWalk AFD) Features:

Lightweight Tech Touring Efficiency:
The use of the super light tech toe at 128 grams reduces touring weight to a minimum.  Replace your Pivot™ alpine toe with this tech toe and it will reduce your overall weight to just 1000 grams per ski. Using a pin-tech toe piece allows you to have the most efficient skinning stride, has zero lifted weight on the heel, and is super strong. The tech toe allows for fluid kick turns, gliding, and side-hilling.  This will help you conserve energy during the approach and on the ascent, save that for the down!
Alpine Binding Conversion:
The Freetour is an aftermarket upgrade that adds touring capabilities to the Look® Pivot™ 15 or 18 bindings. These bindings provide a release value range of either 6-15 or 8-18. Installing the kit requires swapping out the lower portion of the alpine toe pieces. This is a simple procedure detailed in the tutorial video as well as the mounting instructions.
Auto-Locking Quick Release:
The simple and robust locking mechanisms allow for fast transitioning between alpine and touring. Both the tech toe and alpine toe slide on and auto-lock into position. The tech toe has a secondary lock mechanism when stepped into with a boot. This secondary lock creates zero play and reduces stress on the primary lock while touring, increasing hardware longevity. The forward pressure of the alpine binding has the same effect when a boot is engaged in the binding, removing pressure from the primary lock and eliminating play for maximum energy transfer.
Heel Assembly:
The Freetour’s compact heel assembly mounts in two holes positioned in front of the heel piece. It includes a brake retainer and two climbing bails. The brake retainer is easily engaged by flipping it from the forward position back over the brake and stepping down on the heel. The climbing bails can be easily activated with a ski pole between flat, 8 degree, or 12.5 degree climbing modes.
Ski Crampon Clip:
The tech toes have integrated ski crampon clips allowing for easy installation and removal of ski crampons. The crampon clip is compatible with all Dynafit style ski crampons, these are available in all ski widths on our accessories page. When you are not quite sure what conditions will be like, throw a set in your bag.
Freetour Upgrade Components:
he Freetour kit includes all of the components you will need to add touring capabilities to the Look® Pivot® 15 and 18 alpine bindings.

A pair of toe pedestals with integrated quick release.

A pair of tech touring toes with integrated quick release.

A pair of brake retainers and 0°, 8°, and 12° climbing aids.

A pair of toe shims and all of the hardware you will need to mount the kit.

The Freetour kit uses the existing Pivot® binding mount holes with two additional holes for the Cast heel assembly located in front of the alpine heel piece.
Check out the Freetour Manual for upgrade and mounting instructions.

Cast Touring was created in 2012 by brothers Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers who wanted to create a touring binding that combined better access to the mountains with a reliable, safe binding system. The Cast Freetour system is compatible with most alpine touring boots. Tech efficiency up, alpine performance down, it’s that simple!

Cast Touring Freetour Kit (GripWalk AFD)

Weight: 256 g / pair
Colour: Gold
Compatibility: Look Pivot 15 & Look Pivot 18