Camp Photon Lock - Blue

Camp Photon Lock - Blue
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Colour: Blue
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Camp Photon Lock Carabiner

The Photon Lock is the anchor carabiner of choice for alpinists and multi-pitch climbers. Its full-size design gives it great versatility for any kind of climbing. I-Beam construction delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio while still maintaining a rope friendly radius. The proprietary SphereLock nose makes clipping ropes, webbing, chains and pro easy.

Camp Photon Lock Carabiner Features:

New screw gate is lightweight and easy to handle
Slim nose profile features our proprietary SphereLock closure
Laser etched marking to indicate if the lock is open or closed
Available in 2 colors

Model: Camp Photon Lock Carabiner

Height (mm): 102
Width (mm): 63
Gate Opening (mm): 17
Major Axis (kN): 22
Minor Axis (kN): 8
Open Gate (kN): 9
Lock Type: Screw Gate
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 43 g

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