Camp Corsa Alpine Axe

Camp Corsa Alpine Axe
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Camp Corsa Alpine

The Corsa Alpine joins the hyperlight Corsa aluminum shaft with an all-steel head for a high level of performance on technical terrain. The 45 cm length is particularly well suited for ski mountaineering and alpine adventures that require the performance of steel along with the benefits of lightweight. The single-curve shaft provides extra clearance without interfering with walking or plunging performance. A lightweight nylon spike plug keeps ice out of the shaft. The grip is machined for good handling and a small slot in the head allows for seamless integration with the Corsa leash (sold separately).

Camp Corsa Alpine Features:

A lightweight axe with a steel head for technical terrain 
Designed for glacier travel, alpinism and ski mountaineering
Pick is tapered to 3 mm for better penetration on hard snow and ice 
Nylon spike plug keeps snow out of the shaft
Small head slot for seamless integration with the Corsa leash (sold separately)
Machined grip for good handling


Model: Camp Corsa Alpine

Pick Material: Chromoly Steel
Shaft Material: 1.3 mm 7075 Alu
Leash: Corsa
Length: 45-55-65 cm
45 cm: 240 g
55 cm: 265 g
65 cm: 290 g

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