Camp Core Lock - Orange

Camp Core Lock - Orange
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Colour: Orange
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Camp Core Lock Carabiner

The unique shape of the Core Lock HMS carabiner creates a very wide gate opening and positions ropes for the smoothest belays and rappels. The proprietary SphereLock nose makes clipping ropes and webbing easy.

Camp Core Lock Carabiner Features:

Extremely smooth HMS belay and rappel carabiner with secure screw lock closure
New screw gate is lightweight and easy to handle
Large gate opening and proprietary SphereLock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy
Laser etched marking to indicate if the lock is open or closed

Model: Camp Core Lock Carabiner

Height (mm): 114
Width (mm): 77
Gate Opening (mm): 27
Major Axis (kN): 23
Minor Axis (kN): 11
Open Gate (kN): 6
Lock Type: Screw Gate
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 81 g

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