Camp Core Belay Lock - Grey/Orange

Camp Core Belay Lock - Grey/Orange
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Colour: Grey/Orange
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 Core Belay Lock Carabiner

The unique shape of the Core Lock HMS carabiner creates a very wide gate opening and positions ropes for the smoothest belays and rappels. The proprietary inner gate creates a captive eye to prevent rotations that can lead to cross-loading and the SphereLock nose makes clipping ropes and webbing easy.

Core Belay Lock Carabiner Features:

Extremely smooth HMS belay and rappel carabiner with secure screw lock closure
New screw gate is lightweight and easy to handle
Proprietary inner gate prevents cross-loading
Large gate opening and proprietary SphereLock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy
Laser etched marking to indicate if the lock is open or closed

Model: Camp Core Belay Lock Carabiner

Material: Aluminum
Height: 114 mm
Width: 77 mm
Gate Opening: 25 mm
Major Axis: 22 kN
Minor Axis: 11 kN
Open Gate: 6 kN
Lock Type: Screw Gate

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