Buff Pack Sahara Cap - Grevers Navy

Buff Pack Sahara Cap - Grevers Navy
34,96 €
Size: SM

Buff Pack Sahara Cap - Grevers Navy

Pack Sahara Cap: Versatile sun protection that can be worn with or without cape, and can be packed away easily when not in use. This recycled, lightweight, quick dry cap packs down to almost nothing in your bag. Enjoy time outdoors and long haul adventures thanks to its high sun protection and its laser cut ventilation holes that will keep you cool on the hottest days. Designed for people looking for serious coverage for sunny pursuits.

Sahara Buff Pack Features:

UPF 50 certified sun protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by the sun. Samples of fabrics tested for UV protection in accordance with the international standards.
Removable neck protection flap, adjustable for different head sizes.
Strategically placed laser cut holes or lateral openings to enhance head ventilation.
Packs small and retains its shape. Advanced technology designed for convenience, can be folded inside a hand without losing its shape once released.
Outdoor: People who enjoy outdoor activities in the nature such as hiking, trekking or simply walking in the forest.
Find the right accessory to combine and achieve the outfit you are searching for. Plenty of styles and colors available.

Model: Buff Pack Sahara Cap - Grevers Navy

Colour: Grevers navy
Size: S/M - L/XL
Materials: Top crown: 100% Recycled Polyester, Low strap: 100% Recycled Nylon, Upper strap: 100% Recycled Nylon, Brim: 100% Recycled Nylon, Inner band: 100% Recycled Polyester

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