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Woolpower have been manufacturing high quality woolen underwear and mid-layer clothing since 1969. Based in Östersund in Sweden, where all their clothing is still produced, Woolpower know a lot about making clothing that keeps you warm and comfortable in the coldest conditions. Woolpower take a long term view in everything they do, and the result is clothes that are timeless, functional and of the highest quality. A long-term mind-set creates sustainability and Woolpower always keeps sustainability in focus, both before during and after a Woolpower garment has been produced. 
When you wear Woolpower clothing you can be confident that they’ve been made with responsibility towards our surrounding nature and the work environment of the people who work for Woolpower.  
Keeping all manufacturing in Östersund reduces the number of links to control in the supply chain. There is a strong sense of values and significant engagement amongst Woolpower employees.
The seamstresses quality mark the garments they sew by stitching their own name tags inside them. This creates a sense of pride and responsibility for everybody. 

Woolpower has existed in Östersund since it started in 1969. They know from their own vast experience what it takes to avoid getting cold.

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