7tm are a niche company based in Germany and produce the 75 mm standard telemark bindings of the same name. Originally designed by the same designer of the famous Silvretta 404, 500 and 505 alpine touring bindings, the original 7tm telemark binding was ahead of it's time and was one of only two telemark bindings with a reliable release mechanism. The 7tm uses a polymer strap attached under the toepiece that is connected to the heel unit, which also contains the spring to absorb tension when the boot is flexed as well as the length adjustment mechanism.
A touring model was later added, the 7tm Tour, with an articulated toepiece and not-very-ergonomic lever underfoot to switch between ski and walk modes. 7tm were the first company to produce ski crampons for their telemark bindings and these work well, clipping onto the articulated toepiece.

7tm Power and Power Tour
As plastic boots became stiffer and could drive more power to the skis freeheel skiers preferring a more active binding found the 7tm bindings too soft. To give more control 7tm added a metal "power pin" that held the polymer strap down for another couple of cm under the boot. The upgraded bindings equipped with the pin were called the 7tm Power and Power Tour. These bindings gave improved control but 7tm have never been the brand of choice for skiers wanting super active bindings such as Russell Rainey's Superloop, HammerHead or the Rottefella Cobra bindings.
7tm Power XR and Power Tour XR 
To further improve performance 7tm upgraded the power of the spring in the heel unit in 2016, giving these bindings the XR suffix: Power XR and Power Tour XR.

These two bindings are excellent 75 mm standard telemark bindings and, since Voile have stopped the CRB release, the only 75 mm bindings with safety release. In the event of a fall the toepiece releases from the baseplate and stays with the boot; you should therefore use either ski straps or ski brakes (available as optional extras)  with these bindings. 7tm also supply separate baseplates so one can share a pair of bindings between two or more pairs of skis. 7tm are now working on a new model using the NTN 2-PIN standard. 

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