BootDoc Basic Uni

BootDoc Basic Uni

24,17 €
Mondopoint Size: 28 MP

The Basic Uni shoe inlay is the ultimate special version that was especially designed for the winter sports skiing, cross country skiing, alpine touring, ice hockey and snowboarding. For this inlay, that is available for all foot types, the sizes from 230 to 310 are divided into steps of 10 so that there is a model for every size.


Semi-shell support construction.
Six layer construction.
Anti-odor function.
Front and heel shock absorbers. While the AOF (anti-odor function) is responsible for a pleasant smell and in this connection for better foot hygiene, the front and heel shock absorbers make sure that the painful strain of vibration is taken away from the foot. But what makes the Basic Uni shoe inlay (cushion/flex index 45) exceptional is the antibacterial sanitized surface, that rounds off the unbelievably high standard of foot hygiene.

Sizes: 24-25-26-27-28-29 MP

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