Black Diamond Bouldering Brush - Medium

Black Diamond Bouldering Brush - Medium
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Black Diamond

Black Diamond BD Bouldering Brush

Featuring an ergonomic handle that provides hand clearance as well as a tapered head and bristles to reach those hard to access holds, the BD Boars’ Hair brush keeps your project clean for the next burn. When the holds on your project need a good scrubbing, the BD Boars’ Hair bouldering brush is the right tool for the job. Featuring an innovative tapered head and bristles, this brush reaches those tight constrictions, transforming those greasy crimps into positive holds. The ergonomic handle also allows for nice hand clearance while brushing down the project.

Black Diamond BD Bouldering Brush Features:

Tapered head and bristles allow for better access to constrictions
Functional handle allows for easy cleaning without knuckle bashing
Sized to fit perfectly in brush holder of Mondo Chalk Pot 

Model: Black Diamond BD Bouldering Brush

Weight: 24 g

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