Black Diamond Black Gold Chalk 100 g

Black Diamond Black Gold Chalk 100 g

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Black Diamond Black Gold Chalk 100g
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Black Diamond's "Black Gold Chalk" is their latest top-of-the-range chalk which offers far superior water absorption properties.

Black Gold contains 90% classic "White Gold" chalk and 10% "Pure Gold", a concentrated form of Upsalite. Black Gold can absorb TWICE as much water as regular chalk.

So what is Upsalite? While normal chalk is finely ground crystalline magnesium carbonate, Upsalite has a so-called mesoporus structure, an amorphous structure with with pores that are a million times smaller than the width of a human hair. These pores give Upsalite a much greater surface area and water absorption capacity. Upsalite a registered trademark for a material technology based on a patented family of mesoporous magnesium carbonates. The first patent on the materials family was granted in 2017 and the trademark Upsalite is owned by Disruptive Materials AB. The name Upsalite has no real meaning but refers to Uppsala University and the city of Uppsala in Sweden where the inventors of the materials family were based at the time of discovery in 2013. Maria Strømme and colleagues at Uppsala University found a new way to create this mesoporus structure from magnesium oxide and carbon doixide dissolved in methanol.
The impressive drying property stems from the very large internal surface area of Upsalite. MgCO3 is a common mineral that occurs in a variety of forms, most of which have water bound to their surface and are crystalline. By contrast, Upsalite has no water integrated into its structure and is not crystalline. Instead, it is mesoporous – a structure with pores that are a million times smaller than the width of a human hair – which provide it with a much greater surface area.

Absorbs twice the moisture than regular chalk. 
Scientifically engineered to enhance your grip.
Comes as loose chalk in 100 g packet.

Model: Black Diamond Black Gold
Composition: 90% BD White Gold, 10% "Pure Gold" with Upsalite
Weight: 100 g

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