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Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STD Climbing Skins

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STD Climbing Skins
129,90 €
Black Diamond

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STD 

Climbing Skins

The latest version of Black Diamond's Ascension Nylon skins use a modified plush saving 20% weight while still giving maximum grip and durabilty plus good glide to get you to the top, whether you're pushing early morning Dawn Patrols or climbing 3000 metre a day. The STD skins use a traditional tip loop and glues but come without the STS tail attachment for simplicity. These skins are a good choice for skiers who usually only make one climb in the day, and for shorter tours. For yo-yo skiing and multi_day tours we recommend using skins with a tail attachment since this give added reliability, especially if the glue gets wet or dirty.
The well designed adjustable tip loop fits most modern ski tip profiles.

Model : Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STD

Climbing Skins

Skin Plush: Synthetic
Width: 110-125 mm
Length: 185cm
Weight: 0.69 kg / pair