Rottefella Xplore Off-Track

Rottefella Xplore Off-Track
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Rottefella Xplore Off-Track
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Xplore Off-Track - Rottefella

Rottefella have created an entirely new nordic touring binding system with the Xplore Off-Track and we've seen a lot of interest in these new bindings.
It's not every year that a new nordic touring binding system sees the light of day, in fact in over 100 years there have only been three systems: the 75 mm telemark design that started the sport, the NNN BC design Rottefella introduced in the 1980s, and now the Xplore Off-Track.
These new bindings have been developed to be easier to use, lighter and more durable.

The Xplore Off-Track bindings feature an attachment system similar to the Dynafit "insert" system used for alpine touring bindings, but with the design reversed. Instead of having recessed inserts at the boot toe and pins on the binding jaws, the Xplore Off-Track has recesses on the binding toepiece into which slot sprung metal pins which protrude laterally from the side of the Xplore boots. Boot entry is rapid and easy, while to exit the binding one just has to press down on the bar extending forward of the binding, causing the sprung boot pins to be pushed into the boot sole so the boot can exit the bindings. Quick and easy.
Compared to the 75 mm telemark and NNN BC systems this design offers several advantages:
The Xplore boots have a much more practical sole design, without the "duckbill" and 3-pin holes of the telemark system, or the metal bar of the NNN BC system.
The bindings are lighter than the 75 mm telemark bindings, particularly 75 mm cable bindings.
These bindings should offer improved control compared to the other binding systems. Just like the alpine touring inserts, the Xplore Off-Track design avoids any lateral slop or movement, so lateral pressure is applied to the ski much more effectively, particularly so compared to the NNN BC system. Just like the NNN BC system, the Xplore Off-Track has a rubber flex plate at the front of the binding. This supplies resistance and transfers power to the ski, thereby giving a more natural kick-and-glide cycle. The bindings are supplied as standard with a medium all-round Flex Plate. For skiers who would like more control when skiing downhill, Rottefella produce a a Hard Flex Plate, available as an accessory.
Of course Nordic Touring is not just about the downhill, and most of the day involves a lot of travelling on the flat and uphill. The Flex Plate acts as a resistance when climbing and some skiers prefer a friction-free boot rotation when climbing (as we have when using alpine touring bindings). For these skiers Rottefella have produced another optional accessory, the Rottefella Free Pivot Plate. This allows for a maximum range of movement when climbing steeper slopes and a more comfortable walking feeling when pulling a pulk.

To swap over the Flex Plates is fast and easy. Simply push the button on the side of the bindings to release the current flex plate. Insert the tip of the new plate into the slot at the front of the binding and then press down on the plate until it clicks into plate. It's fast, easy and requires no tools.

The Xplore Off-Track does require boots with the toe inserts and this winter we stock boots from Alpina, Madshus, Alfa and Fischer with the Xplore soles.

The Xplore system is designed to provide a more efficient walk mode and improved downhill control compared to the NNN BC system. The snug connection between the boot pins and the binding provides better downhill control and a friction-free walk mode, with the point of rotation further back to give a more natural walking gait on the flat and when climbing. Using the binding looks very easy; simply step in and use the front lever to open the jaws and release the pins.

The heel unit contains a metal heel lift to help take the strain off your calf muscles when climbing. 

Lightweight, easy to use and providing good control, we think these Xplore bindings are particularly suitable for wider nordic skis where the wider platform provides advantages over the NNN BC system. It's great to see innovations in nordic touring gear and Rottefella have done a great job developing these bindings.

Model: Rottefella Xplore Off-Track

Binding System: Xplore
Size: One Size
Weight: 370 g / pair
Heel Lift: 36 mm