Rottefella NTN Freedom 2023

Rottefella NTN Freedom 2023
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Size/Ski Brake Width: Long/110 mm
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Rottefella's NTN Freedom is the touring orientated NTN binding. Lighter and slightly less rigid laterally than the Freeride, the Freedom still offers plenty of power for all but the most aggressive skiers. The Freedom has walk and ski modes, in walk mode the binding can rotate up to 60°. This is more than the NTN Freeride binding, but still less than "Tech" style telemark or AT bindings. The Freedom has a progressive flex and is a good choice for mixed resort / touring use. 
The short size is provided with a soft powerbox, and the long size comes with the standard medium. The powerbox can be bought as an accessory.


Touring mode with 60° articulation.
Although not strictly a release binding, under high forces the boot can release laterally. 
110 mm standard ski brakes.
Twin climbing heels with 35 mm and 65 mm lift.
Two sizes short and long - see specs for details

Height: 25 mm
Rotation: 22 mm behind tip of boot
Walking opening angle:    60 degrees
Heel lifter: 35 mm and 65 mm
Ski brake: standard 110 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg/pair
Long: fits Garmont NTN boot sizes 26 mondo and up; fit Scarpa and Crispi NTN boot sizes 26.5 mondo and up
Short: fits Garmont NTN boot sizes 25.5 mondo and down; fit Scarpa and Crispi NTN boot sizes 26 mondo and down


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