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Plum Oazo AT Binding

Plum Oazo AT Binding
409,00 €
Ski brake width: Ski Leash
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Every winter there is more choice for gear as the manufacturers develop ever more specific models for every type of ski touring. The Plum Oazo is a prime example, a binding with a race pedigree designed for backcountry skiers using lightweight skis and wanting a binding with minimum weight yet the safety of adjustable lateral release and the comfort of having a choice of heel lifts. 

The Plum Oazo combines the features of the R170 and the Wepa and is a great choice for skiers looking for both comfort and performance. Think of it as an R170 with more heel lifts and adjustable lateral release.

Like the Wepa, the Oazo offers a choice of three heel positions for optimal climbing efficiency and comfort, 0 (flat), 42 and 52 mm. No need to over-stretch the calf muscles with these bindings!  The heel lifts can be easily flipped in and out of position using your ski poles.

While the frontal release is set at 8 DIN and is not adjustable, lateral release can be adjusted between 4-10 DIN, making these bindings suitable for a wider range of skiers. Plum recommend the Oazo for skiers weighing 40-100 kg. The Oazo is supplied with ski leashes and with an optional ski crampon support. Like the R170, the heel unit of the Oazo has 20 mm of boot length adjustment, equivalent to about 3 shell sizes.

Like all the latest Plum models, the Oazo features their “Too Facile” toe piece design whereby the jaws are set closer to the boots making boot step-in even easier. Weighing only 400 g a pair, the Oazo is perfect for skiers wanting a solid binding for intensive training as well as for efficient backcountry adventures. These bindings are guaranteed for three years.


Materials: CNC machined 7075 aluminium , steel "U" springs.
Model: Plum Oazo AT Binding
Boot Length Adjustment: 20 mm
Heel Lifts: 0, 42, 52 mm
Crampon Slot: Supplied
Forward Release: 8 DIN, not adjustable
Lateral Release: Adjustable 4-10 DIN
Weight: 400 g / pair