Marker Cruise 12 2024

Marker Cruise 12 2024
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Marker Cruise 12

We think about tomorrow! The Cruise is made from bio-based and recycled plastics, without compromising on quality and performance. This reduces waste and carbon emissions compared to the conventional manufacturing process.

And when it comes to skiing qualities: Keep it easy for maximum fun! The new MARKER Cruise weighing just 475g per binding (including brakes) allows an incredibly simple, comfortable, and modern entry into the world of ski touring. The pin binding comes with a number of outstanding features that make life easier for touring newcomers. The ISI toe piece and heel piece noticeably reduce the effort required to step in. The heel is particularly easy to operate and features a color-coded climbing aid for comfortable climbing at 0°, 8°, and 12°. The ergonomic design allows the heel piece to be rotated easily through 180° while the brake is automatically locked. This makes switching from hike mode to ski mode and back again quick and easy. The independent adjustment of vertical and horizontal release also further reduces the risk of false release during descent.

Model: Marker Cruise 12

Size: 90mm, 105mm
Binding weight: 475 g
Stand height: 23mm
Heel adjustment range: 25mm
Walking modes: 0° , 8° , 12°
Din/iso range: Din 6.0 - 12.0
Toe system: Isi toe
Heel technology: Cruise heel
Boot sole range: 243mm - 387mm
Sole norm capability: Touring adult sole (iso 9523)
Recommended skier's weight: <120 kg