Inwild Meidjo 3 SR 2025

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Meidjo 3 SR - Inwild

The latest version of the revolutionary Meidjo telemark binding, the Meidjo 3 SR features a powerful toe piece, uses environmentally responsible plastic for the flextor plate and has an updated Tour Lever. When it was first introduced, the Meidjo transformed telemark binding performance with it's superb lateral rigidity and precise power transfer, adjustable activity and efficient climbing mode, and the latest updates just make a great binding even better. With adjustable lateral release and convenient step-in, the Meidjo 3 SR is powerful, easy to use, safe and the most advanced telemark binding available.

New for winter 24/25, the Meidjo 3 SR has a new heel unit with an additional safety feature - an anti-friction plate that helps the binding release laterally without resistance when the boot heel is pressing on the heel unit. We've always found the release function to work well, the addition of the SR 'Safety Release" feature makes it even better.

The Meidjo 3 has a patented toe piece with just two springs instead of the four found on the previous versions.
These larger diameter springs are 40% stronger, making toe step-in even faster and easier. 
Environmental responsibility is a priority at The M Equipment, and the Flextor plates of the Meidjo 3 SR are now made from Pebax® rnew, a polyamide plastic produced from castor oil. 
As well as being recyclable, the new Pebax Flextor plates are 20% lighter, more flexible and more resistant to cold winter conditions. Pebax® rnew offers extremely efficient energy return, so that a high percentage of the energy put into flexing the polymer during each turn is returned during rebound. Pebax®  rnew also has excellent resistance to low temperatures, with almost no change in stiffness down to -20°C and incredibly strong cold impact resistance. Scarpa telemark boots use the same polymers for these reasons and we all know how reliable these boots are. The new Flextor plates are also lighter, and the Meidjo 3 SR weighs only 492 g per ski, size L.
The Meidjo 3 SR is a "2-pin NTN" binding and combines a "tech" toe unit with a flexible plate and spring box that connects to the "2nd heel" of the NTN boot sole.
This design is also used by 22 Designs in their Lynx bindings and we see this as the future of telemark binding technology.
This combination offers low weight for efficient friction-free touring like insert alpine touring bindings, combined with powerful and precise downhill control.
The Meidjo is unique in being the only telemark binding to offer reliable lateral boot release in the event of a fall.
Release can be adjusted via the screw/spring mechanism at the back of the spring box. 
Stepping into the bindings is now fully automatic, just press down on the toe unit to close the jaws on the boot's  tech toe inserts, then press down with the boot heel to engage the spring box in the "2nd heel". It's quick and easy, as fast as alpine or touring bindings, so you won't start the day trying to catch your mates up.
For more information see our Blog featuring Step-In.

Inwild Meidjo 3 SR Adjustment:

We use the Meidjos on almost all our skis and have found that spring tension and the choice of springs is very important. Depending upon the skier's style and the ski characteristics, different spring configurations dramatically affect ski performance. For offpiste use and touring, for most skiers we recommend the standard springs, but for getting the most out of slalom skis, and skis with stiff tails the standard springs are too soft, and you'll need the redline springs, or the small internal springs, or both! The stiffer springs delivery much more power to the ski, and a lot more pressure to the tail. It's pretty interesting how the springs change the performance of the bindings, and well worth experimenting with. The stiffer springs also let you ski with a higher stance while still driving the skis effectively, which can be useful for older skiers. The Meidjos allow almost as much forward flex as the 75 mm bindings while offering much more precise control and feedback, and this ability to vary skiing style makes modern telemarking technically even more interesting than it was on the "old days"!! 

You can also adjust binding response by adjusting the initial pressuure of the springs by tightening or loosening the red Spring Retainer Nuts. Tightening these increases binding response while loosening them will provide a gentler but less dynamic turn initiation.

Inwild Meidjo 3 SR Accessories:

The M Equipment supply a full range of accessories for the Meidjo 3 bindings.

Ski Crampon Slot
For tourers the handy ski crampon slot is a minimalist marvel that is compatible with Dynafit ski crampons.

Ski Brakes
Optional ski brakes are available in a choice of 5 widths, 85, 95, 105, 120 & 130 mm. The ski brakes have been updated for 2021 with new plastic claws that are both replaceable and give a more aggressive grip. The profile of the brake plate has been modified to prevent noise when in tour mode.
Please note that the ski brakes do not retract inwards so if using ski brakes and ski crampons, you will need to select a wider ski crampons width to pass outside the ski brakes.

Powder Casing
The powder casing is designed to reduce snow accumulation under the spring box. 
NB: the powder casing requires first dismantling the red bar as well as the touring plate and the touring lock. We find that the Powder Casing greatly reduces snow acculation under the bindings and recommend this accessory..

Powder Casing Kit
This kit contains the Powder Casing plates plus the Low Riser heel lift for skiers wishing to tour with the Powder Casing.

Alpine Heel Unit
Some freeheelers would like to lock the heel down when tired or when conditions get difficult, and the the Alpine Heel Unit lets you do just this. Lightweight, unobtrusive and easy to activate, the Alpine Heel Unit lets you lock the heel down if you're using Crispi boots (or the older versions of the Scarpa and Scott NTN boots).

The latest generation binding from Inwild Outdoor, the Meidjo 3 SR is the most advanced telemark binding available and is the "go-to" binding for freeheel resort or backcountry skiing. 


Model: Inwild Meidjo 3 SR

Binding Type: "2-pin" NTN telemark binding.
Sizes: S - L
Size S: For NTN boots with sole length up to 300 mm.
For Scarpa and Crispi sizes 22.5-26 MP. For Scott 22.5-25.5 MP
Size L: For NTN boots with sole length more than 300 mm.
For Scarpa and Crispi sizes 26.5-31 MP. For Scott 26-31 MP
Size S: 900 g / pair size S
Size L: 984 g / pair size L
Lateral Release: approx 3-12 DIN

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