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Dynafit TLT Speed Radical AT Binding

Dynafit TLT Speed Radical AT Binding
301,99 €-20%
DIN Release: 4-10 DIN
Was 379,00 €
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Please Note:
The MSRP for the Dynafit TLT Speed Radical AT Binding is $399.95 USD.

Dynafit's best selling binding remains the Speed Radical and it's easy to see why. Based upon the classic TLT Speed, the Speed Radical introduced both the supremely easy-to-use Radical Speed Step climbing bars and toepiece "towers" that greatly help boot entry. This comfortable evolution of the legendary TLT Speed combines maximum comfort and light weight.
The Speed Radical has benefited from slight updates every winter and for 2019 these bindings are 31 g lighter thanks to an updated aluminium baseplate and modified profile to the top of the heel unit.

The Speed Radical weighs 698 g a pair, quite a bit more than race bindings but less than free rando bindings with heavier components and ski brakes.
For many tourers 350 g per ski is perfectly acceptable and the Speed Radical has been Dynafit's most popular binding for several years. Simple and easy to use, robust and with ergonomic step-in and excellent heel lifts and boot length adjustment, the Speed Radical has many fans.

For 2019 Dynafit have upgraded the baseplate of the toe unit with a new design that is both lighter and stiffer.
The Speed Radical has Dynafit's "towers" that help to guide the boot toe into the binding, preventing the boot going too far forward.
The lever of the toe is long and easy to pull up into walk mode.

The heel unit has adjustable lateral and vertical release with a range of 4-10 DIN, easily adjusted like all Dynafit bindings.
Initially the Speed Radical had some problems staying in walk mode, but these have been fixed some years ago.
The heel unit has 25 mm boot length adjustment (+12.5 mm / -12.5 mm). One of the main points for choosing these bindings are the excellent "Radical" climbing lifts. Supremely easy to use, these flip in and out of position with the ski poles.

Good value, reliable and ergonomic, the Dynafit Speed Radical will be a faithful friend for many years.

Model: Dynafit Speed Radical
Binding Category: Efficient AT Bindings
Release Range: Vertical and lateral adjustable 4-10 DIN
Material: Forged aluminum 7075, High-strength plastic, CrMo Steel, Stainless steel
Weight: 698 g / pair