Dynafit ST Rotation 10 2025

Dynafit ST Rotation 10 2025
333,25 €-31%
Ski Brake Width: 90 mm
Was 483,25 €
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ST Rotation 10 AT Binding 2025 - Dynafit

Please Note: The MSRP for the Dynafit ST Rotation 10 AT Binding is $599.95 USD.

The Dynafit ST Rotation bindings are the latest generation of Dynafit's free rando touring bindings. These bindings offer excellent control even when using wide skis, a sophisticated flex compensation mechanism under the heel unit and TÜV-certified safety standards. The ST Rotation 10 has release range of 4-10 DIN while for heavier skiers the Rotation 12 offers a range of 6-12 DIN.

The Rotation bindings have a unique toepiece, the result of many years development. What makes these bindings special is that the toepiece can rotate laterally about 30° to the left or right. The idea is that if the skier falls and the boot releases out of the heel unit laterally, the ability of the toe unit to rotate makes release faster and safer.
When stepping into the bindings, one has to step into the toe unit (as usual) and then align the boot with the heel unit to complete boot entry. The Rotation bindings have a mechanism so you feel a small "click" as the toepiece aligns itself with the ski, so you know the toepiece is in the correct position and you can put the heel down aligned with the heel unit. The toe units feature Dynafit's step-in side towers for easy entry and slotted pins for clearing out ice and dirt from boot pin holes. The pivoting toe piece avoids unintended pre-releases, guaranteeing you TÜV-certified safety.

The heel unit of the Rotation 10 has adjustable lateral and vertical release with range 4-10 DIN. Dynafit's Bayonet Lock heel design combines the baseplate and heel unit housing in one solid module for greater rigidity and control. These bindings have the same supremely practical heel lifts as the Speed Radical, with a choice of two heights and easily flipped into position with ski poles.
The heel unit has a very generous 45 mm boot sole length adjustment (+22.5mm / -22.5 mm). In order to provide reliable release as the ski flexes the heel unit is spring loaded and can move 10 mm forward/backward to compensate for ski flex when skiing uneven terrain and jumps. A forward pressure of 10mm ensures that the release value remains constant even upon deflection of the skis. This really does work very well and the feedback from these bindings is amongst the best of all touring bindings, allowing you to push the limits in control. 

We think that Dynafit's Rotation bindings offer amongst the best skiing experience with touring bindings, with excellent feedback, control and reliable release. These bindings are sometimes overlooked in comparison to other free rando bindings with a newer image (think Kingpins and Tecton), the Dynafit Rotation 10 offers top level performance and safety and should be on your short list when choosing bindings for medium and wide touring skis. Should you need higher DIN values then go for the Rotation 12s, but for many tourers 10 is already more than enough.

Features: Dynafit Rotation 10 2025

Rotation Toe Piece gives TUV certified release.
Step In Side Towers for rapid step-in
Easy Lock Brake System
Radical Heel Lifts 
45 mm boot length adjustment


Model: Dynafit ST Rotation 10 2025

Binding Category: Free rando AT Bindings
Release Range: 4-10 DIN TUV Certified
Boot Sole Adjustment: 45 mm
Weight: 1.20 kg / pair

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