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ATK SL World Cup AT Binding

ATK SL World Cup AT Binding
409,00 €-13%
Release: 8-9
Was 469,00 €
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SL EVO World Cup - 110 GR - ATK BINDINGS

The SL World Cup is the latest iteration of ATK’s race bindings that have been refined and improved every winter since their initial appearance in 2011.
Like all ATK bindings, the SL World Cup is packed with ATK's innovative design solutions.
The SL World Cup weighs 110 g, the same as the SL Evo World Cup that it replaces, and the new binding benefits from several subtle upgrades.

 The toe baseplate does not have a ski crampon slot (this is available as an option) but does have screw holes to attach these. The SL World Cup toe piece uses their unique Monolink Technology 1.0. Only one of the toe piece arms has springs, and this design provides a higher clamping pressure on the boot while also saving weight. ATK had to source a new aeronautical steel alloy with an extreme elastic modulus in order to create the Monolink Technology 1.0 bindings with just two springs, saving 2.5 g per toe unit. The higher stiffness provides higher precision release while reducing the pressure on the locking system.

The heel units of race bindings using “U” springs suffer from increased wear compared to the separate pins used in heavier bindings, where the ability to rotate as the boot heel engages reduces wear and tear.
To save weight all ATK “U” springs are made of titanium, which i incredibly light but is less resistant to wear and tear than are steel springs. ATK have developed the Rolling IN System with two small hardened steel roller bushings only 0.4 mm thick at the pin extremities, to protect the titanium from wear and tear. The Rolling IN System offers several advantages. As well as eliminating wear on the pins, the rolling action of the bushings provides easier step-in and more precise vertical release.

The heel cover flips forward to cover the "U" spring in walk mode. It’s possible to adjust the stiffness needed to flip the heel cover for user preference and to ensure reliable service for many years.

The SL World Cup is supplied with “U” springs with a fixed release values. These have been refined over years of race experience. The side release (Mz) of the binding is fixed at about 8 while the vertical release ( My) is fixed at about 9. These settings have been chosen by ATK athletes to offer the best balance between safety and stability. ATK also makes alternative springs with lighter release settings which are available as additional options. The heel unit has a lateral release value of about 8. Lighter skiers should take a look at the ATK SL Lightweight World Cup bindings.

ATK recommend the SL World Cup for skis 60-82 mm at the waist and weighing up to 800 g per ski.
The ATK SL World Cup is an excellent race binding, easy to use and combining minimal weight with increased durability.

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Features: ATK SL World Cup

Rolling-In System:  Hard bushings on the titanium "U" springs eliminate the wear and provide softer and quicker boot entry.
EES Easy Entry System: Toepiece design gives easy and confident step in action with all tech boots, even when boot soles are worn.
Monolink Technology 1.0: Only one of the toe piece arms has springs, and this design provides a higher clamping pressure on the boot while also saving weight.

Model: ATL SL World Cup 2019/2020

Binding Type: Insert race AT binding
DIN Release: 8/9 Mz & 8/9 My
Weight: 220 g per pair, 110 g per ski
Crampon slot: Not supplied, available as optional extra.
Materials: Aluminium 7075, Titanium, POM