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ATK Revolution World Cup AT Binding

ATK Revolution World Cup AT Binding
439,00 €-17%
Release: 8-9
Was 529,99 €
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Revolution World Cup - 105 GR - ATK BINDINGS

ATK's second lightest race binding, the Revolution World Cup weighs only 105 g per ski thanks to ATK's revolutionary design and attention to detail. For 2020 ATK have only changed the colour from red to green. A Limited Edition model that sells out early every winter, the Revolution World Cup is sure to be in demand again this season.

The Revolution World Cup benefits from ATK's Easy Entry System to facilitate boot entry into the toe piece. The front lever is longer and more ergonomic so easier to use, especially in difficult situations when fatigue complicates even the simplest operations. The plastic protector reduces the wear and tear of the toe lever. The Revolution World Cup also features ATK’s Fast-In System, a special design whereby the toe lever stops the boot toe in the perfect position step-in. Step-in is intuitive and fast whatever boots you are using. The toe piece of the Revolution World Cup has a special design to avoid snow and ice build up under the spring mechanism. Called Snow Pack Proof, this design prevents snow accumulation even after several uphill/downhill transitions. As well as ensuring optimum binding performance, this design also avoids any weight penalty when racing, when every gram counts.

Race bindings with "U" springs always suffer faster wear than bindings with separate heel pins. To reduce this wear ATK have given the heel unit an innovative Rolling-In System, whereby rotating bushes protect the "U" spring. This also makes boot step-in up to 3 times softer than classic race bindings so step-in for downhill mode is much easier, especially in fresh snow conditions. The Rolling-In System greatly reduces the wear and tear on the titanium springs and improves skiability. The Heel Cover flips forward to walk mode and the resistance required to move the Heel Cover back and forwards can be adjusted for user preference.

Like most race bindings, the ATK Revolution World Cup has fixed value release settings. These have been refined over years of race experience. The side release (Mz) of the binding is fixed at about 8 while the vertical release ( My) is fixed at about 9. These settings have been chosen by ATK athletes to offer the best balance between safety and stability.

ATK recommend the Revolution World Cup for the highest performing skimo competitors.
These bindings are designed for skis 60-68 mm at the waist and weighing less than 700 g per ski.
Built to help you step up on the podium, the ATK Revolution World Cup lives up to its name.

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See our TABLE ATK 2020 Binding Specifications for a technical comparison of all ATK 2020 bindings.

Features: Revolution World Cup - 105 GR

Rolling-In System:  Hard bushings on the titanium "U" springs eliminate the wear and provide softer and quicker boot entry.
Snow Pack Proof: Toepiece design prevents snow and ice accumulation build up under the toe piece spring mechanism ensuring optimum binding performance and avoiding weight penalty when racing.
EES Easy Entry System: Toepiece design gives easy and confident step in action with all tech boots, even when boot soles are worn.



Model: ATK Revolution World Cup 2019/2020

Binding Type: Pin race AT binding.
Size: One Size:
DIN range: Fixed, Mz & My 8/9.
Crampon Slot: Not included, available as optional extra
Weight: 210 g / pair (105 g per ski)
Materials: Alu 7075, Titane, POM
Weight: 105 g