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FreeRaider 14 - ATK Binding

ATK have produced new free-rando bindings for 2020. Designed for strong skiers and wider skis, the FR14 is ATK's beefiest binding with 8-14 DIN range and a range of ski brakes for skis 97-120 mm wide. Sharing many features with it's little brother the R12, the FR14 weighs only 360 g per ski and is equipped with ATK's Freeride Spacer for maximum power transfer to the heel block. 

The ATK FR14 is packed with ATK's latest innovations. ATK wanted these bindings to be as easy to use as possible, particularly for skiers who have recently moved from alpine skiing to touring and can find insert bindings tricky.
The FR14 toepieces have ATK's Easy Entry System to facilitate boot entry into the toe piece. The front lever is longer and more ergonomic so easier to use, especially in difficult situations when fatigue complicates even the simplest operations. The plastic protector reduces the wear and tear of the toe lever. The FreeRaider14 also features ATK’s Fast-In System, a special design whereby the toe lever stops the boot toe in the perfect position step-in. Step-in is intuitive and fast whatever boots you are using. The toe piece of the FR14 has a special design to avoid snow and ice build-up under the spring mechanism. Called Snow Pack Proof, this design prevents snow accumulation even after several uphill/downhill transitions.

The toe piece also features ATK's new Up-Hill Hardness Variator. Used only on the RT, R12 and FR14 bindings, this multi-position indicator allows the skier to vary the locking hardness of the toe unit in walk mode. This has several advantages, allowing the bindings to compensate for boot insert wear and tear, allowing the skier to adjust locking strength as suits them (softer for lighter skiers, harder for stronger skiers) and reduces the pressure on the locking mechanism for longer life. The toe piece includes slots for ATK crampons.

The FR14 has a fully adjustable heel unit. Lateral and vertical release can be adjusted independently with a range 8-14 DIN. The heel unit has ATK's excellent Cam Release System. This stabilizes the heel pins and provides the torsional stiffness ATK bindings are reknowned for. The special cam profile is pressed against the heel pins by a pre-tensioned spring: during step in, or on the event of a fall the pins are forced to go through the cam profile which provides a precise resistance to pin release depending upon the release value set on the bindings.  This mechanism provides the most stable downhill performance on the market with consistent reduction of boot torsion compared to any other tech heel unit design. It also provides the softest heel step in of any bindings.

Most modern free rando insert bindings now include a system to compensate for ski flex and the FR14 has ATK's Elastic Response System. The heel unit is mounted on a baseplate that can slide forwards and backwards to absorb ski flex. Unlike some other brands who no longer recommend a gap between the heel unit and boot (since the heel unit will move with ski flex), ATK still recommend adjusting the heel unit to have the 4 mm space. However the principle is the same, allowing the ski to flex without the binding and boot blocking the centre of the ski, reducing pressure on the bindings during ski compression and giving more reliable release performance. 

The FR14 also features ATK's Magneto Heel Flaps: A simple yet ingenious magnet system provides stability to the heel unit and ease of use. Lightweight and convenient in use.
ATK bindings with brakes have a unique design for the ski brakes. While most brands combine the ski/walk mechanism with the base of the heel unit tower. This automatically reduces the rigidity of the tower block. ATK have separated the ski brake function from the heel tower, allowing them to create torsionally stiffer bindings. Ski brakes are instead activated by a button on the side of the heel base plate. Push the button in, press the ski brake plate flat and the ski brakes are locked up. Push the button to unlock for ski mode. It works very well.
ATK's Freeride Spacer surrounds the brake plate and supplies a sold platform for the heel of the ski boot, allowing maximum power transfer to the ski.

If you're looking for a performance binding for use on wide backcountry skis, which will let you tour far and ski fast, take a look at the FR14.

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Features: ATK FR 14 AT Binding

EES Easy Entry System: Toepiece design gives easy and confident step in action with all tech boots, even when boot soles are worn.
Monolink Technology 1.0: Only one of the toe piece arms has springs, and this design provides a higher clamping pressure on the boot while also saving weight.
Magneto Heel Flaps: A simple yet ingenious magnet system provides stability to the heel unit and ease of use. Lightweight and comfortable to use.
Cam Release System: This mechanism inside the ATK heel units to facilitate both boot entry and binding vertical release in the event of a fall. 
Elastic Response System: The heel unit moves on a rail to absorb ski flex and provides more reliable release performance at all stages of the turn.
Up-Hill Hardness Variator: Compensates for boot toe insert wear and enables the skier to customize walk mode closure to their weight and skiing style.
Fast-In System: The toe piece front lever is designed to stop the boot in the optimum position for step-in. Boot entry is intuitive and fast, whichever boots you use.

Model: ATK FreeRaider 14 AT Binding

Materials: Alliages d’aluminium, Acier inoxydable, POM
DIN Release: 8-14 DIN
Adjustment: 25 mm
Ski Brake: 97,102,108,120 mm
Weight: 360 g