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22 Designs Outlaw X Telemark Binding

22 Designs Outlaw X Telemark Binding


Was $577.29
We mount bindings free of charge when you buy skis and bindings. Please check the box if you would like bindings mounted and fill in the required information for your ski boots, along with any other relevant information:

Please provide us with ALL of the following information:

  • Ski boot make and model
  • Ski boot mondopoint size
  • Ski boot sole length in mm
  • Your regular UK or European shoe size
  • If buying multiple skis/bindings, please confirm which binding you'd like attached to which ski

The Outlaw X is an NTN binding built the 22 Designs way - sweet flex, copious spring travel, rugged steel construction, blazing up and downhill performance.  Plus step-in for a quick get away. An underfoot spring steel plate allows a lively flex without sacrificing lateral rigidity.  A single long spring provides smooth travel, and an easy preload adjustment makes it easy to find the sweet spot. Built in the USA with stainless steel, machined aluminum, and premium plastics, the Outlaw X is built to last, and the 6 hole mounting pattern will keep it solid on your ski. Borrowing proven touring technology from the Axl, the Outlaw X delivers true free-pivot performance. With a true step-in and pole activated release, the Outlaw is always ready to run. The Outlaw can release laterally, although it's not guaranteed.  The Outlaw is not a DIN-certified releasable binding.  Ski at your own risk.

Brakes sold separately.


Easy step-in, easy exit
Instant flex engagement
Optional brakes: 95, 110, and 125mm widths- available here.
Optional stiffy spring kit: available here.
50 degrees of resistance-free touring
Industrial strength main die spring
Preload adjustable from 1 to 5
Spring-loaded climbing bail
NTN compatible in two sizes

Weight including climbers:
Large: 1620 g 
Small: 1545 g