22 Designs Lynx 2023

22 Designs Lynx 2023
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Lynx Telemark Binding - 22 Designs

After a successful 2nd season last winter, 22 Designs have made minor modifications to the Lynx for 2022, making a good binding even better. The latest version has stiffer tech springs and slightly longer main springs for a more progressive flex. The shape of the main plate has also been modified to improve durability, and for the size small bindings the thickness of the main and flex plates has been reduced to provide a softer flex. The profile of the arms of the toe unit now have a double chamfer, reducing weight and improving the appearance.

An NTN2-pin tech-toe binding like the Meidjo 3.0, the Lynx has an innovative design featuring composite flex plates, adjustable preload and binding activity, and a lightweight yet durable design. 
Built with machined aluminum parts, an easy-to-switch ski/walk mode, and lightweight springs with plenty of travel, the tech-toe design allows touring without any lifted binding weight, so telemark touring skiers can keep up with their alpine touring friends.

The Lynx bindings use a tech toe unit with flexible composite plates and offer adjustable preload and adjustable activity. 
Weighing only 1 kg, the Lynx is a good choice for freeheel touring and 22 Designs sell ski crampons as accessories for the Lynx.
The toe unit is made from machined aluminium while the ski / walk mode is easily activated using ski poles. The Lynx has ultra-light springs, with lots of travel for powerful and progressive telemark turns.

Ski crampons are available as accessories but the Lynx does not have a release function or ski brakes.
The Lynx is overall more active than the Meidjo, and offers a choice of three positions to adjust activity. In the most active setting the Lynx really is very active and requires some power to initiate the turn, even more so than the Outlaw X with stiffy Springs!

This combination of tech toe piece with either springs (TTS, Moonlight, Kreuzespitze)  or NTN 2nd heel (The M Equipment, 22 Designs) is now seen as the new standard for telemark bindings, with bindings such as the Lynx and the Meidjo being the future of telemark binding technology.

Features: 22 Designs Lynx Telemark Binding

Easy step in and out
Instant flex engagement
80+ degrees of resistance-free touring
Adjustable preload and 3 activeness settings
Spring-loaded dual-height climbing bars.

Model: 22 Designs Lynx Telemark Binding

Binding Type: 2-pin NTN telemark binding.
For Scarpa & Crispi boots up to size 26 MP.
For Scott / Garmont boots up to size 25.5 MP.
For Scarpa & Crispi boots size 26.5 MP and larger.
For Scott / Garmont boots up to size 26 MP and larger.
Small: 970 g / pair
Large: 1000 g / pair