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Beta Stick

Beta Stick
Beta Climbing Designs

The Beta Stick has a dual function. First, it enables a carabiner or quickdraw carrying the live end of the rope to pre-clip fixed anchors, usually bolts. It has a telescopic long reach pole, an anatomical head to hold the clipping carabiner securely and a simple but effective wire trap to restrain the carabiner gate and permit smooth clipping. Its main use is for pre-clipping the 1st/ 2nd bolt on support routes to reduce the risk of a ground fall.

Second, for cleaning "out of reach" holds on boulder problems removing excess chalk and slime. The cleaning brush locates into a slot in the head, being held firmly in place with a wrap of Velcro and angled to allow effective brushing of slopers and edges alike. Brushing is possible at longer lengths but it is difficult to apply any power and is not recommended beyond the 3 fattest sections. The brush can be easily removed for hand held use or to use the BetaStick clipping.

Compact: 69 cm
Long: 115 cm
Compact: 2.74 m
Long: 4.57 m