Beal Rando Dynamic 8mm Golden Dry

Beal Rando Dynamic 8mm Golden Dry
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At just 37 grams per metre, it takes up little room, but it takes the impact ! On snowfields and steep passages, during mountain walking or skiing, its properties ensure your security.


Golden Dry: This is a combination of 2 treatments: to DRY COVER is added a core treatment. This way we obtain a rope with astonishing water impermeability and incredible durability.

Diameter: 8 mm
Lenght: 30 m
Weight per metre: 37 g
Impact Force: BEAL Guaranty 4,2 kN
No. of falls on 1 strand: 5 with 80 kg
No. of falls on 2 strands: 12 with 80kg
Number of bobbins: 32
Sheath Percentage: 40%

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