Beal Rando Dynamic 8mm Classic

Beal Rando Dynamic 8mm Classic
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At just 37 grams per metre, it takes up little room, but it takes the impact ! On snowfields and steep passages, during mountain walking or skiing, its properties ensure your security.

Strong Points:
Available in 30m with marking each 12m to assist tieing-in.

Easy snow routes, glacier travel, ski-touring. A snow route is called easy if it has no difficult passages such as the crossing of a bergschrund, requiring a belay. It will be possible to progress with any type of dynamic rope: - One strand of single rope. - One strand of double rope. - One strand of twin rope. The roping of the party is practised in different ways. BEAL's choice is to use one strand of twin rope. In order to make the dynamic results for this rope more realistic BEAL has decided to indicate the performance more closely related to this use than a twin rope tested on two strands. That is with a fall limited to factor 0.8, but with 80 kg on one strand, and the impact force measured with the same parameters. Even though we forbid the use of RANDO rope on one strand for climbing and mountaineering, thesetwo activities are nevertheless practicable if you use 2 strands of RANDO rope

Diameter: 8 mm
Length: 30 m
Weight per metre: 37 g
Impact Force: BEAL Guaranty 8.5 kN
No. of falls: BEAL Guaranty 12 with 80 kg/2 strands fact 1.77
Number of bobbins: 32
Sheath Percentage: 40%

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