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Beal Opera 8.5mm Unicore-Golden Dry Climbing Rope

Beal Opera 8.5mm Unicore-Golden Dry Climbing Rope
154,99 €-20%
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Weighing in at only 48 g per meter, the Opera 8.5 is the firstsub 50g rope and is the lightest and thinest single rope on themarket. The rope is made with technology that combines allof Béal's know-how, resulting in low impact forces, Uincore technology, Dry Cover protection and the UIAA Water Rellent standard for the Golden Dry version. This ultra-supple,ultralight rope will please the most demanding sport climberswhile remaining versatile for mountaineering.


Ultra light.
Ultra smooth.
With all the advantages of Unicore technology.

Length: 50m - 60m - 70m - 80m
Colour: Blue - Green