Beal Be One Screw - Fuschia

Beal Be One Screw - Fuschia
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Be One Screw - Beal

Compact screwgate karabiner particularly suited to single ropes used in conjunction with your belay device. The contact surface area has been optimised through the use of a cylindrical profile with a 12mm diameter. This is less restrictive for the rope, limiting its wear when lowering climbers and enhancing its handling when paying out slack. Keylock system

Model: Beal Be One Screw

Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 94x57mm
Gate Opening: 17mm
Major Axis Strength: 24 kN (2400 kg)
Minor Axis Strength: 7 kN
Open Gate Strength: 7 kN
Weight: 58 g
Colours: Fuchsia - Orange

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