Beal Bambi - Red/Blue

Beal Bambi - Red/Blue
33,25 €-13%
Colour: Red/Blue
Was 38,25 €

A simple and practical harness for growing climbers less than 40 kg in weight. By means of its 2 automatic adjustment buckles on leg loops and on the shoulder straps, BAMBI II adjusts perfectly and easily to all body shapes. A colour code identifying body straps and leg loops helps when putting the harness on.

Easy to adjust thanks to 4 autolock buckles.
Easy to put on thanks to the colours of the webbings.
Comfortable and secure.

Beal guarantee:
All BEAL PPE is guaranteed for 3 years against all faults in materials or manufacture. Excluded from the guarantee:
Normal wear and tear.
Modifications or alterations
Bad storage
Bad maintenance, accidental damage, negligence, and/or uses for which the product was not designed.


Waist Size: 54 cm
Leg Loop: 35 - 60 cm
Chest Length: 40 - 60 cm
Weight: 350 g

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