Beal Air Force 1

Beal Air Force 1
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Beal Air Force 1

The Air Force 1 works with single ropes of any diameter. It fulfills the needs of beginner climbers using a classic rope as well as advanced climbers using thinner ropes.

It reduces abrasion to the rope. The V-groove offers extra friction to improve rope braking while belaying and optimum energy absorption when catching a leaders fall, yet provides enough smoothness to pay out slack easily. The wide, straight groove offers edge-free running of the rope.

Beal Air Force 1 Features: 

Reduces abrasion to the rope.
Braking force adapts to the rope diameter.
Individual number.
Compatible with rope diameters from 8.5 mm to 10,5 mm.

Model: Beal Air Force 1

Weight: 36 gr
Colour: Fushia - Orange

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