Atomic Backland Pro CL 2022

Atomic Backland Pro CL 2022
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Atomic Backland Pro CL 2022

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The Atomic Backland Pro CL is a touring boot that’s packed with features to make every day of touring that much more enjoyable.

The Atomic Backland Pro CL is simply the best value of any boot in the Backland family. Prolite construction keeps it light, and the Carbon-loaded lower shell material enhances downhill skiing performance. The Frictionless Pivot and Free / Lock 4.0 ski-to-walk system deliver epic natural movement for hiking boot like comfort while climbing up hill, and alpine boot performance when the cuff is locked in ski mode. The durable Boa® Fit System ensures a precise fit that can be effortlessly adjusted on the go. A washable, breathable Platinum Light liner rounds out the package. This is a boot built for the backcountry.

Atomic Backland Pro CL Features:

Power Shift
Power Shift independently adjusts forward lean to 13° or 15° or 17° and changes the feel of the initial portion of the boot’s flex. Using two screws yields a stiffer initiation for a more responsive feel, using one screw yields a softer initiation for a more forgiving feel.
Free/Lock 2.0 / 3.0
These advanced Free/Lock mechanisms feature on all Atomic's touring boots, including Hawx Ultra XTD and Backland Ultimate. The magic is you can flick from ski to walk mode with one simple switch. In walk mode they offer an epic cuff movement. In ski setting you can choose 13°/15°/17° adjustable forward lean.
Frictionless Pivot
Igus polymer bushings provide a completely natural movement for effortless ascents.
Cross Lace
A new closure system used on Backland that wraps the foot from three points to hold it securely.
Power Shift Race
This is a new shim system unique to Redster: it enables racers to individually set their forward lean at either 16° or 18°, with T-shaped shims added to the back of the boot.
Energy Backbone
The Energy Backbone is a reinforced, asymmetric backbone in our Hawx Ultra and Hawx Ultra XTD, providing extra strength for powerful skiing plus enhanced lateral energy transmission for better edge grip.
Carbon Spine
For maximum power and minimum weight.
Progressive Race Shell
Atomic's new Redster boots feature a special shell made from thicker, but softer material. This provides a more progressive flex and better damping, plus a more supple feel – making it easier to ski aggressively in all conditions and on all courses.
Prolite is a way of building skis and boots that turns traditional thinking on its head. Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Prolite does the opposite. It starts with the slimmest possible profile and then it builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed – like the Energy Backbone down each boot spine and ski edge.
True Flex
It’s common to hear that boots stiffen up when it gets cold, or become softer in warm conditions. True Flex is an exclusive Atomic shell material that means your flex and feel remains constant in a variety of temperatures. So the boot you buy in store feels the same on the mountain, you don’t lose horsepower in the spring and you don’t have a boot you can’t flex mid-winter.

Model: Atomic Backland Pro CL 2022

Colour: Black/Blue/White
Mondopoint Size: 25/25.5 - 30/30.5 MP
Weight: 1121 gr

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