Alico Double

Alico Double
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Alico is a small niche manufacturer of high quality mountain and leather telemark / nordic touring boots. Until the advent of leather telemark boots, Alico was considered the manufacturer of the highest quality telemark boots available, with exceptionally high quality materials and attention to detail for every pair of boots.

This quality can be seen in the Alico Double boots, the only leather nordic touring boots with a removable inner boot.
Designed for the coldest nordic touring condition and long polar expeditions, the Alico Double has a top quality full grain 3 mm anfibio leather upper. Durable, breathable and very comfortable. Alico are masters in the traditional “Norwegian stitching” method and additional stitches reinforce the 75 mm toe extension for maximum durability..
These boots are only available with the Vibram “Ferret” 75 mm telemark soles (no NNN BC available). Should you need to, you can change the Vibram soles once worn out.
The outer boots have laces plus a velcro strap that clamps down over the top of the boot.

The removable inner boots have a synthetic leather upper with warm Thinsulate lining for maximum insulation and can be used separately when in mountain huts or camping.
The camp sole lets you use these inside the mountain hut or when camping.
Removing the inner boots allows you to dry them overnight to remove the day’s humidity.
The inner boots also have laces so you can adjust fit perfectly to give enough support to travel efficiently without constricting blood supply to the feet - essential in the extremely cold conditions these boots are designed for.

Weighing in at a little over 3 kg / pair, the Alico Double is not the lightest nordic touring boot, but thanks to the very solid design and thick insulated sole, these boots do give good lateral support and so good control compared to many other more flexible nordic touring models.
They are consequently a good choice for ue with wider nordic touring skis.

The Alico Double is standard issue for the Swedish army nordic ski corps, who need solid and reliable equipment for the harshest conditions.

Upper: 3. mm Anfibio Full Grain Leather
Innerboot: Synthetic Leather Liner with no ski camp sole
Midsole: Salpa Reinforced Ankle - Velcro Nylon Strap
Sloe: 75 mm Vibram Ferret
Size: Men 7-13, Women 5-10, European 39-48

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